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Who We Are

Green Bits India.. Here we are with the vision of setting up of India's e-commerce company .Having a vision of connecting millions of Sellers and buyers in India and around the world in coming days with this platform and create an economic opportunity across the globe for individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses.

The Vision

We are the team of enthusiasts to provide platform for, to create market for environmental sustainable products and materials which causes least damage to the environment and eco-system. We also plan to use the profit generated by this platform for the setting up of Research Centers on Environmental Sustainable Products, Research on Solar Energy, Sea Wave Energy, Wind Energy, Magnetic Energy, Robotic Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Self Sufficient Housing etc. Also intends to create a opportunity of research for individuals who shares the ideas and knowledges thereby contributing a bit to the future generation.

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

If you are enthusiastic and willing for dedicated hardworking and you feel you can contribute your ideas, skills and knowledges for the growth of this company then anybody can contact us to become a part of the team irrespective of their educational qualification .